Donating to the Surf

We are always searching and interested in donated materials that will help tell the life story of the Surf, as well as other significant rock 'n roll artifacts. The Surf Ballroom & Museum, in general, does not purchase items and cannot give appraisals or estimate the value of memorabilia.

    The Surf is interested in:
  1. Rare concert posters from past Surf concerts;
  2. Show programs from past events; and,
  3. Newspaper clippings
    The Surf is NOT interested in:
  1. Artifacts that are not related in any way to the Surf;
  2. General record collections; and,
  3. Drawings, paintings, portraits, sculptures or other rock and roll-related artworks

Donations of artifacts and memorabilia may be tax deductable and should be discussed with your accountant or tax consultant.

Monetary donations are always accepted and appreciated. Donations help us to fulfill our mission, making it possible for our organization to continue to provide cultural, educational, and entertainment opportunities to North Iowa. Beyond the vital importance of ensuring that the Surf Ballroom is a destination for such signature events as the annual Winter Dance Party, it is also our responsibility and opportunity to make certain that the Surf will continue for generations as one of popular music's remarkable treasures.

If you have items that you wish to donate to the Surf Ballroom collection, please send a picture entitled Curatorial Department.

Purchase a Brick Paver

In 2012, North Shore Drive underwent major improvements on the streetscape, lighting, landscaping and sidewalks.

Be a Part of Surf History, and purchase a Brick Paver! 

All bricks are placed under the Surf Ballroom marquee until space runs out. At that time, additional space will be found.

Surf Ballroom Brick Paver Map

Click Here to print off your order form, and send to:
Surf Ballroom & Museum
c/o Brick Paver
460 North Shore Drive
Clear Lake, Iowa 50428