Master Class

On site performance programs at the historic Surf Ballroom offer a hands on, memorable learning experience for students. Both our Winter Dance Party Kid’s show and Master Class occur on an annual basis. These spots fill quickly and space is limited, pre-register early!

Master Class
Grades: High School Level Students    
When: April 7th 2021
Every year, the Surf Ballroom offers a music related Master Cass for high school level students. The Master Class gets students thinking about options after high school, connects them with local colleges, and inspires them to reach their goals!

The Surf Ballroom is excited to announce our 2021 Master Class: History of American Rock n’ Roll! Join Ryan Sheeler, lecturer in the Department of Music at Iowa State University and Instructor of The History of American Rock n’ Roll, for an interactive look at the history of early American Rock n’ Roll and its roots.

Included will be a discussion of the 1959 Winter Dance Party and its legendary stop at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa – where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper played their final performance on the night of February 2nd 1959 before they were tragically killed along with pilot Roger Peterson in a plane crash north of town “The Day The Music Died”.

Class Overview:

  • Rock History: The Golden Age of Rock 1954-59
    • Regional Sounds and Artists
      • Memphis – Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis
      • New Orleans – Fats Domino, Little Richard
      • Chicago – Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley
      • Clovis/West Texas – Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison
      • Los Angeles – Ritchie Valens
  • The Winter Dance Party of 1959
    • Tour Overview and Artists
    • Surf Ballroom February 2, 1959

This class will be available on our website/YouTube page April 7th, 9:00AM CT, and you can view the class any time after that at your convenience.

Although this is a virtual class, we ask that you still register so that we are able to generate accurate numbers, send your students a special keepsake, and answer any questions they may have. We would also be more than happy to supplement this program with an in-person or virtual tour of the historic Surf Ballroom!

Surf Ballroom 2021 Master Class: History of American Rock n' Roll Part 1:

Join Iowa State University professors Ryan Sheeler and David Stuart for an in-depth study of music history!

Part 1 Outline: Rock History: The Golden Age of Rock 1954-1959

  • Regional Sounds and Artists
  • Memphis- Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis
  • New Orleans- Fats Domino, Little Richard
  • Chicago- Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley
  • Clovis/West Texas- Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison
  • Los Angeles- Ritchie Valens

2021 Surf Ballroom Master Class Part 2:

Winter Dance Party Tour of 1959 Artist and Tour Overview

Questions? Please contact our Education Coordinator:

Nikki Foss

Education Coordinator