Production Capabilities

Surf Stage with Measurements

All production is done by Curtis Productions. For all production questions, contact Brad Curtis at


Speakers & Amplifiers

McCauley "In Line" 4 way line array system consisting of:

12 N90 IN.LINE Line Array Dual 8"x1" 90 degree
4 N120 IN. LINE Line Array Dual 8'x1' 120 degree
8 NS2 IN. LINE Line Array Dual 15" Low/Sub degree
8 AC288 Installation Dual 18" Subwoofer
2 PRO4801 Crest Audio PRO Series 4801 for Highs
2 PRO8002 Crest Audio PRO Series 8002 for Mids
4 PRO9001 Crest Audio PRO Series 9001 for Lows and Subs


The system is comprised of two clusters hung in a left/right configuration. Each array consists of six IN.LINE? N120 cell's with low frequencies being reproduced by four IN.LINE? NS1 Low Frequency Modules. The LF arrays and Mid-High arrays are hung side by side, with one of each array on Stage Left and Stage Right. Four NB24 IN.LINE? rigging frames are necessary for suspension of the clusters, with the IN.LINE? NS1 Low Frequency Modules being flown next to the N90 cells to minimize the height of the arrays.

This system has been designed to create consistent and even SPL at all areas of the room and at all frequencies.The McCauley IN.LINE? system has been chosen due to its seamless vertical coverage pattern and uniform tonality created by the array at all listening postitions. The effective use of linear array coupling principles eliminates any destructive interference between cells within the array, yielding a single planar wave source of acoustical energy. The directivity of the linear array design limits SPL in unwanted areas of the room, greatly reducing and virually eliminating unwated reflections that lower speech intelligiblity. The flexibility of the rigging harware allows for a customized configuration specific to the venue. Calculations of sound pressure levels have been completed using ESAE 4.o. The current design yields a +/- 3.5db (typical) variation in direct SPL within the main seating area and with very low spillage onto the stage located at the front of the room.



Avid Venue SC48

Outboard & Processing:

1 DBX 480R Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System (Remote)
1 DBX 482 Equalization & Loudspeaker Mangagement System 4x8


Speakers, Amplifiers & Processing:

1 DBX 480R Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System (Romote)
3 DBX 482 Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System 4X8
9 SM72 Stage Monitor 12" x 2"
1 SA 155-2 Drum Monitor Dual 15" x 2"
5 PRO4801 Crest Audio PRO Series 4801 for Highs
5 PRO7001 Crest Audio PRO Series 7001 for Lows


Assortment of professional microphones


Various microphone stands and cabling and radial DI's sufficient for normal production requirements


Downstage- (30) 1KW PAR64 on 30' of trussing.
Upstage-(24) 1KW PAR64 on 20' of trussing.
Dimmers- Colortran I Series Quad Module. 48 channels on 12 rack mounts w/ 4 channels of 2.4KW each.
Console-NSI 7532
Followspots- (1) Comet 1K


Additional backline equipment is available if needed and cleared through Surf Ballroom management. Please ask for a separate list of backline equipment if it is required.