Rental FAQs

How early can we set up?
Venue rental contracts include an allotted time of use starting at 9am the morning of your rental. Event setup may begin at this time.
If there is nothing booked in the ballroom, set up may begin the day before your event. There is no additional charge for early setup during regular business hours.
Your rental time ends at 1am the day after your rental. This means that all guests need to be out and decor taken down no later than this time.
Use of the Surf's projectors/big screens, mics and basic PA sound system is included in the rental fee. Professional (concert quality) sound & lights with technicians for events featuring live music is available for an additional $1,500, with a minimum 30 day notice of intended use required. It is not permissible for Djs or live musical acts to utilize the sound/light system without a Surf technician present.
Yes, use of the Surf's projectors/big screens is included in the rental fee! Any audio/video needs must be confirmed at least two weeks in advance of event date as any use of Surf audio/video components require an onsite technician for operation.
The ballroom floor's seating capacity is as follows:
  • Up to 325 guests set up in round tables;
  • Up to 500 guests set up in 8' banquet tables;
  • Up to 700 guests set up in chairs in rows.
The permanent booths located around the perimeter of the dance floor may also be used to seat any additional guests.
You room may be set up according to a seating diagram. If a specific set up is desired, renter should submit a completed seating diagram at least one week prior to the event. Sample seating layouts are available here.
Use of the ballroom for publicly ticketed events is prohibited.
The Surf will provide all bar service, including up to four (4) bartenders and one (1) busser for beverages only (based on estimated attendance). Additionally, one security staff member will be present for all events where alcohol is served. The cost of this service is included as part of the venue rental (unless noted otherwise). Additional staffing is available at $25/hour per staff member needed.
For the safety of all guests and due to the historic nature of our building, we do not allow renters to hang anything from our ceiling.
Temporary decorations must not harm the finish on walls, ceiling or floors. Painters tape, elastic string and cable ties are good examples of materials that can be used to affix your decor. Gaffe, duct and packaging tape may harm the finishes of our walls, ceiling and floors. Under no circumstances are permanent fasteners to be used to affix decor to our building. This includes staple guns, screws, nails, etc. If these are used, your damage deposit will likely not be refunded.
The standard rental fee includes the Surf's current inventory of table linens and skirting, with linens available in either black or white.
Our current inventory includes black plastic folding chairs, 60" round tables, 6' banquet tables and 8' banquet tables.
For seating, we have 400 black plastic folding chairs available to use at no additional cost.
For tables, we have the following:
  • 49 60" rounds
  • 10 6' banquets
  • 37 8' banquets
Any decor and items brought in by the renters needs to be cleared prior to the end of your rental. Tables and chairs will be cleared by Surf staff.
No, there is not a minimum beverage sales total that you have to meet.
The Surf offers a full bar, including soda, water, wine, cocktails and a selection of canned beer, cocktails in a can, seltzers and malt beverages.
Pop and bottled water cost $3 per beverage.
Beer and malt beverages range from $6-7 per beverage.
Mixed drinks and wine cost $8 per beverage.
Unlimited soda is available for $300.
Yes!  Please contact our event coordinator for more information regarding the purchase of specific beverages for your event.
Our bar is not set up to and will not serve kegs of beer. Renters are not allowed to bring in outside alcoholic beverages.
We understand that quality food and a great experience are of utmost importance to our customers and their guests. We have a list of preferred caters available for you in our Rental Guidelines and Policies packet. In our experience, some non-preferred caterers are amazing, but some fall short of our expectations. We have selected the caterers on our list because of their proven track record of great food, full-service catering capabilities, amazing staff and their consistent ability to offer a variety of menus, various serving accomodations and price ranges to fit your budget.

While we highly recommend the food caterers on our preferred catering list, we do allow outside (non-preferred) catering for a $750 site fee for larger main ballroom events and/or a $250 site fee for smaller events held in our Cypress Room. Non preferred caterers will be required to provide a copy of their current Iowa food service license and insurance to the Surf prior to the event.
The Cypress Room, which is fondly and often referred to as the Lounge or Surfside 6 Lounge, is the smaller room on the east side of the Ballroom. Its capacity is 120 and cannot be booked out more than 6 weeks in advance. Ballroom rentals include the use of the Cypress Room.
Our Cypress Room cannot be booked out more than 6 weeks in advance because the Surf Ballroom holds the right to book larger events and rentals before taking on smaller groups/parties.

Have more questions? Please contact our Events Coordinator:

Molly Kern

Events & Hospitality Manager