Rave On...

In accordance with our mission statement, FREE educational programs are now being offered on behalf of the Surf Ballroom and Museum to area schools.  These programs will be taught on-site or in the classroom Monday-Friday from August - June between the hours of 8-11am.

For more information or to schedule a program, contact Nicki Barragy at 641.357.6151 or nicki@surfballroom.com with the following information:
 - School/Contact Name
 - Phone number
 - Address
 - Grade level, class size
 - Program choice, date & time

Program Offerings

uper Stars
Grade level preK-2
30 minutes

U Rock
Grade level 3-6
30-40 minutes

Rock ‘n’ Roll 101
Grade level 6-12
1 hour with short break

Forever in a Song
Grade Level preK-12
1.5-2 hours

Super Stars

* Suggested Grade Levels: PreK-2
Music, artisits and dancing of the 1950 and 60s will be explored through books, the Keynote presentation and movement. Learn how these elements relate to the Surf Ballroom.


U Rock

* Suggested Grade Levels: 3-6
This lesson reflects on the history of the Surf Ballroom and the 1959 Winter Dance Party. Students will be exposed to artists and music through video clips and the Keynote presentation. The class will conclude with a brief lesson in the Hand-Jive and The Twist.


Rock n Roll 101

* Suggested Grade Levels: 6-12
Reflecting on the hit song by Don McLean, "American Pie", this lesson takes students through the lyrics and the thirty plus allusions found in the song. We will also explore the various artists who have graced the Surf Ballroom stage.

Forever With a Song

* Suggested Grade Levels: preK-12
This unique on-site tour of the Surf Ballroom includes the following activities:
 - walking tour
 - short video
 - special keepsake
 - scavenger hung, Ballroom style
Pack a lunch, sit in the booths and experience those songs that changed rock 'n roll forever out on the dance floor.