School Tours

Free educational programming for grades preK-12 taught on-site in the Museum or in the classroom. Programs are offered Monday-Friday from September through May between 8-11 am. Each class is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Dig It (Grade Levels preK-1)

Music of the 1950's will be explored through books, songs and movement. Time will be spent looking at the types of instruments used during the Rock 'n Roll era as well as learning the Hand-Jive!

Holly, Bopper, Bamba (Grade Levels 2-5)

In the lesson, students will explore the lives of Buddy Holly, J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson & Ritchie Valens. Using books, songs, dance & instruments, students will learn the importance of each artist and their impact on the Rock 'n Roll era.

Rock 'n Roll 101 (Grade Levels 4-12)

This lesson reflects on the history of the Surf Ballroom and the Winter Dance Party. Students will be exposed to video clips, museum artifacts and songs of various artists who have had a significant impact on rock 'n roll history.

Fifties Forever (Grade Levels preK-12 -- On Site Only)

A unique tour of the Surf Ballroom. Activities include a short video, special keepsake for each student, as well as a scavenger hunt-Ballroom style (1 hour). Pack a lunch, sit in the booths and experience those songs that changed rock 'n roll forever out on the dance floor (2 hours).

To find out more information or to schedule a tour, please contact

Mallory Huffman

Education Coordinator

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