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Classroom Bucket Drumming

The Surf Ballroom Presents: Classroom Bucket Drumming Learn about the history of the Surf Ballroom and the Winter Dance Party tour. Then, join Professor Anthony Stevens as he teaches the art of Bucket Drumming. This class works great in person or virtually! *Free supply delivery available to any school within a 50-mile radius of the Surf Ballroom & Museum!

Dancing Through the Decades

The Surf Ballroom & Museum Presents: Dancing Through the Decades Join Nikki Johnson, Education Coordinator at the Surf Ballroom, and Kaitlin Boelman, Owner and Lead Dance Instructor of Dance with me Studio, for an educational journey through the decades. Learn about the history of the Surf Ballroom and the Winter Dance Party tour before you go dancing through the decades!

Building Blocks of Music
Lesson 1- Active Listening
Guided Lesson Plans & Activities for K-12 It’s not often we have the opportunity to really take the time to listen. These guided active listening activities are a great way to exercise our listening skills and develop our musical ear. Have fun and get inspired with everyday objects, nature sounds, and of course- music!
Building Blocks of Music
Lesson 2 - Rhythm & Time
Guided Lesson Plans & Activities for K-12 Rhythm is all around us. From our heartbeat to ocean waves, rhythm is one of the first things we experience. These guided activities are a fun way to explore different rhythm patterns through movement and active listening!
Building Blocks of Music
Lesson 3 - Volume & Pitch
Guided Lesson Plans & Activities for K-12 Explore the science of sound by learning all about sound-waves, frequency, intensity and more. Put your knowledge to action with fun activities and experiments that you can do from almost anywhere.

The Surf Ballroom understands that with budget cuts and ever growing financial restraints within school districts, field trips are increasingly difficult to finance. No longer will you have to choose between a field trip and a trip to the Surf Ballroom for your class! The Surf Transportation Assistance Reimbursement (STAR) program is available to provide funds to any Pre-K through grade 12 class, within a 100-mile radius, with the purpose of bringing that class to the Surf Ballroom for a tour, or one of our exciting educational programs.

As a non-profit organization, a large part of the Surf’s mission is education. We are driven to spread the legacy of the 1959 Winter Dance Party and the influence Rock and Roll has played in our society. We feel a responsibility to help the next generation right here in North Iowa understand the role this historic event plays in our community. To ease the financial burden of busing students to the Surf, we have developed a plan to use a percentage of the Surf’s educational funds to pay for each class’s transportation costs, if requested.

Students, Pre-K through grade 12, within a 100-mile radius of the Surf Ballroom, qualify for this program regardless of school district. After the field trip, all we ask is for an invoice for your class’s transportation costs to and from the Surf. Invoices will be paid out during the next billing cycle. We hope that your class will have an opportunity to take advantage of this program! Just call Nikki Johnson, Education Coordinator, to set up a field trip. Phone: 641-357-6151 or Email: education@surfballroom.com

Silver Cord Volunteer

Volunteers play a vital role in our day to day operations here at the Surf Ballroom!

It is with the help of volunteers that we are able to keep our ticket prices low, be open on Saturdays & Sundays throughout the summer months, provide faster service during concerts, and most importantly, show off our North Iowa hospitality!

Did you know students (middle school and up) are able to earn Silver Cord volunteer hours at the Surf Ballroom? The Silver Cord volunteer program is a graduation award that promotes volunteering and community engagement.

    Volunteer Opportunities Include:
  • Box Office/General Administrative
  • Ticket takers, coat check, will call tickets during Surf concerts & special events
  • Assisting with after school lessons at the Music Enrichment Center
  • Archiving newspaper articles/photos acquired

If you have an interest in earning Silver Cord hours at the Surf Ballroom, please contact out Education Coordinator, Nikki Johnson. education@surfballroom.com

Questions or want to sign up? Please contact our Education Coordinator:

Nikki Foss

Education Coordinator