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Instrument Trunks

The Surf Ballroom's new Instrument Trunk program gives area teachers the opportunity to "check out" a themed box of instruments to use in the classroom for two weeks. Students can hold and play the instruments, learn about the science of sound and explore the history of various genres of music. Each trunk includes a Teacher's Guide and lesson plans to support the contents of the trunk. In-class experiences can then be brought to life with a visit to the Surf Ballroom and Museum to learn more about the instruments, their history and important players from the past to the present.

The Rock 'n Roll Instrument Trunk

Students feel that early Rock 'n Roll sound with an electric guitar, bass and drum.
Download the Teacher Guide Here.

The Big Band Instrument Trunk (Coming Soon!)

Familiarizes student with classic Big Band Instruments closely tied to the Surf Ballroom's history!

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Rock 101

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