2012 Winter Dance Party Elementary School Art Contest

The Surf Ballroom and Museum is pleased to once again sponsor the "Winter Dance Party" Elementary School Art Contest. We were so impressed with the creativity last year, that we are once again challenging Clear Creek Elementary Students to create an original art piece about the Surf Ballroom, the Winter Dance Party, Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, or Ritchie Valens!


Hand Drawn Picture
Short-Story (1 page)
.AVI (windows)
Clay Project
Carboard Model

Length of Project

All projects should be single, stand-alone pieces that can easily be displayed for judging and presentation.

Subject Matter

Projects should include images or likeness of any of the following: Surf Ballroom; Buddy Holly; Ritchie Valens; Big Bopper or the Winter Dance Party. Projects could also be based upon any songs, history, or works of any combination of the above. Be creative, original, entertaining and unique!

Contest Deadline

The contest can begin any time at the discretion of school staff. The deadline to submit projects is January 27, 2012 by the end of the school day. Please display the projects in the hallways of the school or in a manner/location that the judges can view them without disrupting classes. Each project should have the student's name, grade, and homeroom class clearly attached or labeled. Only one submission per student will be accepted. Projects will be judged at the School on Thursday, February 2nd by a delegaion of Surf Ballroom Staff, Witner Dance Party Fans and/or Members of the Valens Family.


Every participant is a winner, each student who participates will be given two tickets to the Wednesday, February 1st Winter Dance Warm-up Sock Hop! Each homerrom teacher whose class participates will also receive two free tickets to the Wednesday night event. Judges' picks will be revealed on Friday, February 3rd during the Kids Show at the Surf Ballroom as we invite the K-5th grades to experience a Winter Dance Party history presentation and live-music Sock Hop! During the show, the judges' picks will be displayed and prizes awarded for the top projects.